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The Waiting is the Hardest Part

The Echo of One Hand Clapping: Notes on Audio Publishing and Production, by Brian Price´╗┐

I haven’t written in a while.  I’m supposed to have news.  I’ve been waiting for late breaking big news…and I’m still waiting.

We’ve been working on starting up an audiobook production company since last Fall.  More people than ever before are listening to audiobooks.  More print book companies are interested.  More authors are interested in having their books adapted to audio.  Seems like the right time.

There have been cold calls to publishers and then warmer ones.  Then meetings.  Then mild interest.  Then a demo, which is close to real “work” in one’s chosen field.

The author loved what we did.  We got the job.  We got a shot.  We nailed it.

Now the author is on vacation.

So, we’re waiting—for final approval, final retakes, final instructions, final descriptions for the website, finally getting started.

I don’t like waiting.  I’m not good at it, and yet some days it’s all I do.

I know who won some of this year’s Audies, but I can’t say anything.  It’s a secret until the May press releases come out.

I have made my Mark Time Science Fiction Audio Awards picks for the year, but it’s a secret until the June press releases come out.

I’m waiting to find out what I need to know, and what I do know I have to wait to tell anybody.  It’s no fair.

I’m waiting for phone calls and emails to tell me that I can go ahead with my life.  I’ve waiting to see who wins the first round of the NBA playoffs.  I’m waiting for Spring.  And worst of all today the kitchen drain is stopped up and I’m waiting for the plumber, which brings up the thought that maybe the only thing worse than waiting is getting the bill afterwards.

Brian Price
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Plainfield, IN  46168
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