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Audiobook DJ

The Grover Gardner and Tanya Perez Show Literate Housewife Review recently interviewed Grover Gardner and Tanya Perez to help celebrate Audibook Week. She asks lots of great questions and Grover and Tanya have equally great answers to share. It only takes a minute to read, so treat yourself to some entertaining insights into the audiobook biz!


Fragile Things - June is Audiobook Month

Fragile Things is a collection of short stories and poems by Neil Gaiman. I didn't care for every story here, but the ones I liked, I really liked. I did this review for Audiofile Magazine's blog, Audiopolis.




Runny Babbit - June is Audiobook Month

Continuing with the celebration of Audiobook Month, here's a title that's perfect for a Saturday. I love the way sounds are explored in this kid's title that is as much fun for adults as it is for grown-ups. This was released in 2005.




Source for News About Audiobooks

There's a relatively new site on the Web called! Basically, it's a news aggregator and you select the pieces of news you want to post on any topic of your choosing. It looks like a couple of folks have chose audiobooks as their topic.

Audiobook Business News -

Everything Audiobooks -

Both sites have a ton of current info about happenings in the audiobook world. Good sources of information and best yet, someone else does all the work!


Hitchhiker's Guide - Tertiary Phase -- Audio Review

One of my all-time favorite series. What is there not to like about this production? I think this review was done in 2005. Even though that was a while back, this is as good today as it ever was. You really should give yourself a treat and listen to the entire series! I'm posting these to celebrate June is Audiobook Month!



Fahrenheit 451 - Audio Review

To celebrate Audiobook Month, I'll be posting some reviews I've done in the past that are all audio format. This is a review of a classic - Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury. It's read by Christopher Hurt and published by Blackstone Audio.  I originally did this for SF Site and then posted it on again on my site to celebrate Bradbury's bithday - back in 2009. If you're a librarian (I am) this is one of the scariest books you'll ever encounter. There's some great clips in here, so give a listen!



Celebrating Audiobook Month

June is Audiobook Month and that's cause for celebration. I hope to participate by posting links to some of the audiobook reviews I've done in the past that are in audio - and inlcude clips from the audiobooks. These are by far and away my favorite kind of audiobook review, but they take a long time to produce. And that's a scarce commodity these days. But there's till time to enjoy my favorite past tme - listening to audiobooks!


Jen, Devourer of Books, is planning a celebration of audiobooks from June 6 - 10. June is Audiobook Month and Jen will be celebrating, along with plenty of other bloggers who think listening to a book is a wonderful way to experience a good book. If you're a reviewer, try to review at least one audiobook in June!


How to Read Sex Scenes (for an audiobook)

One of my favorite female audiobook narrators is Lorelei King. Recently, she posted her top tips for reading a romance novel. Gotta admit, I'd never really thought about this before. But Lorelei has some very interesting things to say about the topic. You can read them here.


Free Copy of The Time Machine


The Time Machine, with eBookTantor audio is giving away a free copy of the H.G. Wells Classic, The Time Machine. Narrated by Scott Brick, it's only 4 hours long. You do have to sign up for a Tantor Account, but that's it. Quick - go get one today! This fantastic offer end on May 31st.  Check it out here!

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