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About This Blog

Audiobook DJ is a site primarily dedicated to reviewing audiobooks. In the past, I've reviewed for Library Journal, Publishers Weekly, SF Site, and Audiobooks are music to my ears and I enjoy encouraging others to give them a listen.

I'm a librarian with the Kentucky Dept. for Libraries and Archives and my work requires a lot of travel. Listening while driving is where my appreciation of audiobooks began and now I'm definitely addicted (in a good way).

In addition to reviewing, what's been taking up most of my time lately is working with my husband on another audiobook site called Audiobook Jukebox. It provides indexed links to over 20,000 audiobook reviews posted on the web. These reviews discuss 8,000 unique titles from 400 different bloggers. Our site also offers a reviewer program where audiobook publishers can offer titles for review and bloggers can select titles they are interested in reviewing.

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